Thursday, September 10, 2009

Change to Date of Marathon

Due to overwhelming workloads early in the school year, we have changed the date of the LWP Writing Marathon from Sept 12 to October 24. The marathon had initially been planned as part of the run-up to the National Day on Writing, but it is now a follow-up activity.

Any teacher who submits student work for the Oct 19th public reading – yes, it’s Oct 19th rather than the 20th – will receive two free tickets to Writing Marathon events. (You can invite a friend to join you for an event, or you can attend two different events.) Others are welcome to attend the events, for $10/event. The list of events will soon be posted on our website (, and you should be able to sign up online (if we get the technology to work!).

If you are a teacher and you haven’t yet submitted any student writing, there’s still time to participate. Get more details at, or contact us at if you have questions.

Tom Thompson


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