Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday, Sept 8th Writing Prompt

Write a few lines about what you this is the most important point the author makes in the chapter you read for today.

Click on "comments" and then type away! Or you can type in WORD and copy and paste your response into the editing window. That way you can run spell check.


Isabel said...

“Blog” is such an ugly word. It’s like the sound a frog makes as it sinks into the mud. It seems to have no relationship with the writing-at-the-speed-of-synapse that I think of as online collaborative computing. Now, now, now, now is how blogging strikes me while I am doing it—a question, a post, another soul out there needing advice or instruction, pleading for response, sitting solitary just wanting a little connection. And I can give it to her—or him—or whoever it really is over there behind the moniker “Ferretman05” or “Kosmo” or “CaliGirl223.”
Even better, I can add my howl to the wind, seeking in the vacuum of cyberspace an echo, a mating call, a song of yourself.
Yes, I am a voyeur. Walking down the street, I peek in open lighted windows, excusing myself by saying, “But they left the blinds up! They wanted me to see.” What I love about blogs is: it’s true. They do want to be seen. Known.

Tara said...

Blog- I used to have a very different impression of blogs. I thought they were mainly an outlet for people to rant and rave and espouse their political beliefs. Now, I am starting to see that blogs are a useful way for people to connect. You can use a blog to share ideas, record written conversations, incorporate technology into education through response journals. People spend so much time on computers anyway; blogs are a great way for people to interact through technology. I like the convenience of blogs. You can access them at 11:30 at night in your pajamas or at 4:30 in the morning, trying to stave off insomnia. Blogs are no longer a foreign negative to me…they are something I am more interested in incorporating in both my personal and educational life.