Friday, October 3, 2008

LWP Conference Blogging Workshop 2008

This is an example of a homework or "turn-it-in" post. I use the class blog to collect assignments all in one place for easy saving, printing, or sharing. Even if you never have students create their own blogs, you can still create a class blog, and use it to gather information like this.

To Turn-It-In:

* Click on the "comment" link below
* Enter your info
* Type into the editing window your new blog's web address
* Also type a paragraph or so about how you think you could use blogs in your teaching
* Hit "Publish"
* Hit "Refresh" to see your post!
* We will share and discuss . . .


blog post said...

What is so funny is that even though I have used blogs for years now, I still am surprised by what the students teach me. They are so creative and interesting, especially in the online environment. My next step -- learning how to jazz up the blogs and letting the students teach me how to embed videos and more!!!

Healthy Apple Lady said...

Great workshop. I really wanted to learn how to blog to get a message to the world about having healthy, disciplined, kind children within the family unit.

Jen said...

I have recently been experimenting with using discussion threads on echalk with my senior English classes. I have been offering a tidbit of extra credit for posting, but want to make posting there a requirement. That's a start I think. I have a few questions rolling around about students being able to access the blogs from school because of the internet filters. I am starting a class this week about developing on-line projects, so I will get the answers to make this work. It's fun, and I know that my students will like it.

Deborah said...

Currently I am a substitute teacher, but in my previous life I taught Introduction to Business and Freshman Composition, Technical Writing and Business Writing at the university level.

Blogging reminds me a little of teaching and studying via online classes. I had experiences as an instructor in my online classes that were different from and no less valuable than the face-to-face or hybrid classes in terms of student relationships, student performance, and those lovely Aha! student/instructor moments.

I would love to find a use for blogging in my current role....

To Be Continued