Thursday, June 18, 2009

Revision Checklist for Memoir

Revision Checklist for Memoir

____ Is the opening engaging?
____ Does it start with action?
____ Does the memoir piece focus on one moment, one time, one specific incident? (as in “One day I..” and not “I often do this…..”
____ Does it tell a story, with a clear beginning, middle, and end?
____ Do flashbacks (if there are any) make sense? Do they provide context for the story being told?
____ Can you find sensory details?
____ Do you feel transported to the place where the story is happening?
____ Does the piece include dialogue?
____ Do you feel that you know the characters? Do you care about them?
____ Does the author use multiple techniques to reveal the character to the reader (characterization)?
____ Does the author reflect on the significance of the story?
____ Does the “I” learn something from the experience described in the story?
____ Has the author used any key objects for symbols?
____ Does the author use figurative language?
____ Does the author use varied sentence structures?
____ Does the author limit use of adverbs? Adjectives?
____ Does the author use strong, specific, and active verbs?
____ Is the piece free from grammatical and spelling errors?
____ Does the ending provide a sense of closure?

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NYC and Savannah Gal said...

I enjoyed reading this info from this year's memoir class and found the advice fun, colorful, and helpful. I'm so glad this blog is here, and so grateful for the LWP! I am sitting here at my computer now working on a piece that I hope to submit soon to Chicken Soup for the Soul. I am determined not to become a "one-hit-wonder" with my first and only publication so far published this spring! Doing this, I am reminded, DAMN, writing is HARD! My best wishes to others like me who are struggling to become better (and more active) writers!
"Memoir Writing Alum" Class of 2008