Saturday, August 1, 2009

Seeking Volunteers for National Day on Writing activites

The LWP is recruiting volunteers. The National Day on Writing is coming up on Tuesday, October 20, and we need lots of help to run our local activities.

LWP Teaching Consultants
We now have a great opportunity for lots of TCs to get involved. And if you have yet to repay those three “units” of service from the Summer Institute, it’s a great way to finish that bit of business, too.

Specifically, we need the following:

* People to lead writing groups (of teachers) for mini-marathons
* Someone to handle publicity (i.e., get the word out to the schools and the press)
* Someone to coordinate the Oct 20 event (secure a forum, invite guests, create the program, etc)
* Maybe people to serve on a committee to handle the various parts of the Oct 20 event
* Someone to collect submissions and overseeing the selection of papers for the Oct 20 event
* People to read the papers and help select invitees for the Oct 20 event
* Somebody to edit whatever hard copy publication comes out of the event

Serving in any ONE of these capacities will earn you a “unit” of payback, and you can serve in multiple capacities.

Professional Writers and Editors

We need professional writers and editors to serve as mentors on writing tours for teachers. Local publications can send their writers to events, publish stories about the National Day on Writing leading up the event, and publish writing from the LWP Gallery on October 20th. And we need professional writers and editors to attend the October 20th event, with some doing readings alongside the students from Lowcountry schools.

Teachers and Community Members

Community members who want to support writing can also help. And teachers who'd like to get involved with LWP - this is a great time!

If you are interested, or think you might be interested, please join Tom this coming Friday, August 7, at noon in Capers 111, at the Citadel, for pizza and planning. He need to know how many people are coming so he can order enough pizza. Please reply to, or leave a message at 953-1418, by Wednesday (Aug 5) to let him know.

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